Today's deal of the day will have you progressing your 'real world' wavesailing, just what we all need as these crazy storms continue.

You can now buy the slightly retro (2006) Pro Secrets Real World Wavesailing Instructional DVD for just £13.50 right here.

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Pro Secrets. Real World Waves. is an instructional windsurfing DVD with the world's top wave sailors telling their secret's how to excel in open water onshore conditions.

It is a very insightful peer to peer DVD with tips for beginners to experts.

Real World Waves focuses on onshore techniques and gear for your coastal spot. Wave riding, jumping, launching in surf, equipment and tuning with top designers, and more.

Check out more about the DVD in the Boardseeker review on page two...

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Pro Secrets- Real World Waves, Onshore Wavesailing Boardseeker Review

What is it?

An instruction DVD based around professionals telling us their top tips whilst they perform in the waves and in the air. This DVD is the third installment of the Pro Secrets Collection, the first two being Unreal Waves & Racing & Speed.


83 minutes

Who edited it?

Sam Ireland

What we liked about it

There is plenty of very good advice in there, for example, the equipment set-up section was excellent. The ‘How to approach Waves’ section was also excellent. The variety of tips will appeal to novice wave riders right up tp proficient wave riders and beyond.

What we didn’t like

Sometimes there is too much information with Pros talking at a hundred miles an hour. You can’t quite take it all in no matter how many times you rewind! It is about sailing in Real World Waves and you get all the tips you need but alot of the action footage is from Hookipa & Pozo which would suggest that these Pros don’t know what real world sailing is! There is a bit of indoor action from London – perhaps they think that’s what windsurfing is in Northern Europe!!

Chick action .v. Bloke action

If you like Anne Marie Reichmann, you’re in luck! We particularly enjoyed the opening bikini beach scenes.

Best tip

Robby Naish telling you to put your back foot in the footstrap when trying to get over white water off the plane, thus lowering your centre of gravity and securing you to the board – sweet!

What is missing?

Not a lot of real, real world sailing (very cross onshore, choppy, knee to waist high waves).


Yes, a bonus section including a useful Equipment Guide, Self-Rescue, Carrying Gear and chats with Board & Sail designers.


The music was fine, it did the job.

Cost $29.95 or 29 euros + p&p. They send worldwide.