It has been a very busy and windy week for most of the windsurfers out there and we hope you've been enjoying the weather too! If you haven't managed to sneak away from work this week, don't worry the forecast is still looking great across much of the country for this weekend and the week ahead.

So much so that even more demos, clinics, super sessions and more seem to be popping up. From wave competitions to intro to windsurfing days, there is something on hand for everyone. We've already said it this week, but we'll say it again - windsurfing is alive and kicking!

Probably our favourite story of the week is the unbelievable speeds set by Hans Kreisel and Jurjen van der Noord at The Brace - that's an open water spot - yet, they still managed to clock up this year's world leading speeds and ones that wouldn't look out of place at Luderitz. Let's take a minute to contemplate just how amazing that is. If these types of speeds are getting clocked up already in 2015 we cannot wait to see what could happen through the rest of the year and what top speeds will be set on GPS Speedsurfing.

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