Despite some conflicts and against all odds, Open Ocean Media is happy to announce the confirmation of the 1st stage of its ’Wave Classic Invitational’ project, in Essaouira / Morocco.

Initiated by Boujmaa Guilloul, Thomas Traversa & JB Caste, the event will take place 10-20th May and will gather again some of the world’s best waveriders. During this 10-day waiting period, they will look for the best waveriding conditions around Essaouira’s coastline, to offer the most radical and explosive windsurfing show, pushing their limits to new boundaries, without any pressure. The aim is to catch some hot action, photos and videos, in order to reveal them to the public through the mags and our online videos.

After two successful events in Fuerteventura and La Reunion in 2009 that were gathering international top names, we are proud to welcome this time some ’newcomers’ such as Zane Schweitzer and Nick Warmuth from Hawaii, and even more ’hot froggies’ like Thomas Traversa, Camille Juban and Leo Ray. They will share the trip alongside other good chargers like Porcella, Ezzy and Katchadorian and, for sure, five young Moroccan rippers !

As usual, we have set up a blogsite,, where you will find some more info on the contest and where you can download the official poster, the presentation file and our logos. In Morocco, we won’t be able to spread ’live’ information during the event as the internet 3G connection is pretty uncertain locally, but we should be able to bring you daily information and pics through our website.

A big thanks to our partners without whom nothing would have been possible : Ocean Vagabond, umi pictures, Conseil Provincial du Tourisme d’Essaouira, Buzzichelli, Hotel des Iles, Hotal Atlas & Sofitel, Magic Fun Afrika, Parlementia & Red Bull.



Dates of the event are from Monday-10th to Thursday-20th of May.

Riders are expected on Sunday-9th in Essaouira.


Morocco/Afrika! Essaouira will be our base camp to sleep. Moulay Bouzerkhtoun, Cap Sim, Kaouki or Safi will be the playgrounds…


This Invitational Wave Contest will gather 20 riders (including 5 locals). Aim is to show the best of extreme waveriding & push your limits ! The contest rules will be decided all together during the Opening Ceremony.


Here’s the last entry list :

15 internationals:

Boujmaa Guilloul (Morocco)

Zane Schweitzer (Hawaii)

Thomas Traversa (France)

Nick Warmuth (Hawaii)

Camille Juban (Guadeloupe)

Graham Ezzy (Hawaii)

Kai Katchadorian (Hawaii)

JB Caste (France)

Francisco Porcella (Hawaii)

Leo Ray (France)

Dario Ojeda (Gran Canaria)

Robin Goffinet (France)

Jamie Hancock (United Kingdom)

Yann Sorlut (France)

Last guest unknown…

5 Locals :