Seasprite Sports are proud to introduce the Ezzy Infinity 2010 into their line up. The sail has many features including;

More Power. The legendary Infinity has more horsepower per square meter than any sail in its class.

Light and balanced feel. The deep, forward draft profile of the Infinity doesn’t load your back arm when powered which leeds to a very balanced and stable feel on the water.

No Monofilm. The Infinity utilises the world’s most advanced materials. Light weight Technora® along the leech reduces stretch and improves performance. Spectra® X-film in the luff and window panels provides extra tear strength. The new Tri-Lite scrim used in the centre panels is super-lightweight and very strong and adds the sails smoothness in top end control.

Easy to waterstart and uphaul. The Infinity’s narrow sleeve doesn’t fill up with water.

Cams fit on any mast. The Infinity cam system fits any RDM or SDM mast made within the past 15 years as it comes with 3 different sets of removable cams so you can use it as a rotational or as a cammed speedster.

You’re not the first to rig it. Ezzy already have. Every Infinity is rigged in our factory. We do a thorough check of our work and tension the battens.

Unmatched customer service. We take our customers as seriously as we do our sails. Email us at info@ezzy.com you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

Everything is easy with an Ezzy.