The Fanatic TriWave is a step-up in performance from the FreeWave, perhaps even more versatile the TriWave has even been used on the PWA tour.

If you're looking to blast, jump and occasionally waveride we suggest the FreeWave, if you're more focussed on getting to ride as many waves as possible, in a variety of conditions, the TriWave could be the choice for you.

New for 2015:

Wider fishtail for better low end performance and snappy turns.

V bottom shape, with slightly tuned double concaves, enhances the smooth flow and acceleration out of turns.

Proven rocker line with slightly less tail rockerUltimate combo of high performance and surfing capability.

Wider centre and flatter deck emphasise early planing and added stability.

Full, soft rails up the nose for extra balance and control.

Sharp, crisp rails on the tail for enhanced grip.

SlotBox side fins with slight tow for optimum water flow.

US Centre Box for maximum turning abilities.



Picture 303

The TriWave also comes in 103, for full specs for this model follow the link below.

Check out the video for the 2015 Fanatic TriWave on page two below and if you want more info on the Fanatic TriWave check it out on their website here.

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