If you are a water sports man, you are aware of the unique characteristics of regularly worn neoprene: A foul, sweaty smell caused by bacteria, alga, fungi or mildew. To fight these invisible enemies, ION uses a brand new weapon: The ION ANTI SMELL function, a built-in Sanitized® hygiene & protection technology. Sanitized® is an innovative Swiss antimicrobial material treatment that has proven its efficiency over the years also in other applications, like in the medical sector.


The main problem: Bacteria increase very fast in warm, moist or sweaty environments. Without disinfection, their number doubles every 20 minutes. Sanitized® prevents bacteria growth and door development very effectively. An important fact in doing so: Different from other wetsuit competitors’ solutions, Sanitized® protects the neoprene jersey not only against regular bacteria growth, but also against fungi, mildew alga – all with a long-lasting unique approach:

The ION ANTI SMELL feature immensely reduces necessary laundry cycles massively, which helps to preserve the physical properties much longer and prevents the waste of water.

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The safety of Sanitized® is proven by strict tests that meet highest international standards and requirements. The used Sanitized® product is certified by OEKO-TEX 100 – classes I-IV and Allergy UK. In addition, it is bluedesign® approved, which guarantees a very eco friendly production.

The Sanitized® technology is permanently integrated into the material of selected ION items such as premium wetsuits, the Ballistic Socks and the Ballistic Toes.

Check out ion-products.com for the detailed specs of ION ANTI SMELL products.