Ed Texier from Oceansource has let us know about their new GetFreestyling Clinic...


Calling all wannabe freestylers!

Ex-Oceansource El Tur managers Phil Richards and Danielle Lucas have embarked on a new coaching career kicking off with a dedicated freestyle clinic this September in El Tur, Egypt. Phil and Danielle will look at all aspects of freestyle from basic entry level moves, such as downwind and upwind 360s to more advanced level technique including Flakas, Vulcans and even switch-stance moves.

About Phil and Danielle

Phil Richard and Danielle Lucas are two highly experienced windsurfers with an undying passion for the sport. Both have worked in centres around Egypt for many years but more recently as centre managers with Oceansource in El Tur. They are a friendly, easy going couple who are very aware that not everybody learns in the same way, and are happy to structure their coaching sessions in order to make the most of your personal needs. Combine Danielle's photographic skills and you really couldn't ask for a more comprehensive coaching experience!

For more information, visit http://www.oceansource.net/centre/clinics_getwindsurfing.asp or call: +44 (0)1243 374615