Want to improve and have fun in the sun this summer? Ocean Elements offer windsurfing tuition in friendly watersports centres across Greece and they could provide the best opportunity for you to improve in 2015.

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Ocean Elements offer inclusive tuition in every resort (for ages 14+), meaning you can complete a free RYA course over the duration of your holiday.

Beginners - 2.5-3hrs / 5 days Intermediate Non-Planing - 2.5-3hrs / 5 days
Board control, turning, safety and having fun! Quicker tacks, beach starts, harness work
Intermediate Planing - 2.5-3hrs / 5 days Advanced (Vassiliki only) - 2.5-3hrs / 5 days
Footstraps, faster gybes, and planing Carve gybes, water starts, jumping, and freestyle

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