The final day of the IFCA PRO KIDS at Brouwersdam started early with a skippers meeting at 9 am. A chill cloudy day with winds from 18 up to 25 knots with a little bit of rain and later sunshine made it possible to finish another single and a double elimination. The beach was packed with spectators and the competition was on for the whole day. Later that day the awards ceremony was being held and the 2011 IFCA PRO KIDS Champions could finally be crowned.

IFCA PRO KIDS Final day highlights:

All the way from Russia Kostya Smirnov who was struggling in the first rounds but, finally managed to perform better and made it to a 5th position in the double eliminations round. Steven Max from Aruba took home a well deserved 3rd place making sure to the others bellow him that he was not to be mess with. Best variety of tricks and a pretty solid routine performance we saw from Ethan Westera from Aruba with highlighted tricks such as his no handed flakas fast grubies and e sliders.

Rafael de Windt from Curacao transformed his trade mark move the spock and kiss to an even unthinkable trick which is now spock and wisle the judges could not help but to give him extra point for that one also was he one of the many riders who busted tricks right in front of the judges “rocks" including a punch, Kono’s a few double jumped flaka’s and a Toad with a huge spray towards the judges. Rafael has nothing less and nothing more than the perfect style and attitude for a Freestyle entertainer.

Dutch Boy Pim vd Borgt got impressive skills and gave the judges a hard time making decisions even kicking out Nick van Ingen in the single elimination with a bunch of powerful tricks including normal kono’s, one handed funnels stylish shaka’s and a air flaka’s to name a few.

A second place brought some tension between the top 4 riders in the U20 category. And then in the double elimination Pim could not do the same routine this time but, in the end he took home a well deserved third place.

As for Nick van Ingen it was a very successful day going from 3rd place in the single to a first place in the double elimination. It was a battle between two friends and they were going for everything.

In the end Nick had a few bigger moves than his opponent Rick Jendrusch and won the double elimination on the last competition day a very close heat and a great show full of tension.

Rick Jendrusch a 100% Brouwersdam local, a competitor everyone would cheer for, a competitor everyone would watch competing in his home spot. This guy probably had the experience of a life time winning the single and loosing the double elimination against his friend Nick. Rick Jendrusch knew how to compete in his back yard and performed solid tricks on both tacks with a few moves (double punieta, switch kono’s) in front of his supporters and fans. He won the double elimination the previous day and earned enough points on the last day of the event to be awarded with a WORLD CHAMPION title in the junior’s category.

The IFCA PRO KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Brouwersdam was truly an amazing event with great wind conditions and a fantastic atmosphere.




1 Isaac Bradley-Baker GBR 512

2 Remco vd Vet H 155


1 Ethan Westera ARU 4

2 Francesco Cappuzzo ITA 333

3 Steven Max URA 888


1 Rafael de Windt CUR 45

2 Ethan Westera ARU 4

3 Francesco Cappuzzo ITA 333


1 Rick Jendrusch NED 120

2 Nick van Ingen NED 122

3 Pim vd Borgt H 360

Special awards were handed out to:


Isaac Bradly-Baker who went wind skating during the stand by period on the second day of the event and got himself seriously hurt and ended up in the hospital with a head injury. He skipped a day of competition and got back the day after, safe and sound from his power nap landing a Vulcan and performing sail tricks and chop hops on both tacks. He received a Tricktionary DVD and will be training the next few months for the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour.

Mattijs Lasore the crowd pleaser who learned windsurfing just a few years ago was the eye catcher of the event with his cute friendly vibes on and off the water. You could see him trying new moves during the event and coming to the beach to ask the other kids how to perfect certain other tricks. Rumours were spreading around that he scooped up a new sponsor, “perhaps his first sponsor" more info on Mattijs will follow in a official interview that is in process for the press.

Big thanks go out to:

Provincie zeeland

Zeil and Surf centrum Brouwersdam and its crew members for organizing and taking care of everything at the event site.

Mystic boarding, the main event sponsor.

Center Parcs Port Zélande for their support and the amazing apartments.

Surf magazine Holland.

Surf magazine Germany.

EFPKT Judging crew: Jan willem, Kevin Mevissen, Mattijs van Dijk

IFCA Race director Eric Kling

IFCA/EFPKT Head Judge Ruben Petrisie