Bishop Skinner Marine explain the fundamentals of windsurfing insurance and why you need it to keep you safe on the water...

Everyone needs windsurfing insurance, even champions!

Windsurfing is one of the most popular water sports in the UK and the RYA continues to see more windsurfers becoming members each year, highlighting the sport’s growing fan base. When preparing to go windsurfing, whether for pleasure or competitively, buying insurance may seem to be the least important thing to remember but ensuring you and others are protected by having the right insurance in place is essential.

For novice, intermediate and expert windsurfers it can be difficult to know exactly what cover you need. A marine insurance specialist can help to provide guidance about this as well as provide insurance to suit all abilities. They will have the experience and crucially the expertise to provide accurate and impartial advice on insurance cover and also about how to avoid the associated risks. The minimum insurance cover that should be in place is third party indemnity as the vast majority of claims are for third party accidents and damage.

Bishop Skinner Marine is the RYA’s recommended insurance broker, with 40 year’s experience in delivering expert advice and innovative solutions to customers across the marine sector. As part of this arrangement RYA members are automatically entitled to cover for up to £2m third party liability under the policy provided. Another benefit is that the RYA/ Bishop Skinner Marine policy can provide cover for multiple boards, which is a real benefit as most policies will over provide cover for a single board. It also includes cover for accidental damage including fire and theft, cover for other people to use your board if you provide permission and full racing cover.

The product covers all of the fundamental requirements, ensuring that you can enjoying windsurfing in the knowledge that you have the appropriate protection in place. Purchasing the product is simple with both quotes and cover obtainable online.

With the cost of replacing even a relatively modest surf board running to several hundred pounds and the cost of third party injuries often far higher, having the appropriate cover in place enables windsurfers to gain the maximum safe enjoyment from the sport.

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