Do you love to stand out from the crowd? Then ION claim that this is what you need: progressive artist sublimation designwork wrapped in premium stretch and eco-friendly material! This means that the new ION Riot and Trinity (for women) series are probably one of the most expressive and uncompromising styles you can get on the neoprene market with an inimitable design character.

These collections are a unique combination of environmental awareness for eco-friendly materials such as Limestone Neoprene, fully recycled Polyester fabric and sustainable product design. Each suit has an individual look provided by the numerous variations of the sublimation allover printing method. Every suit is unique, a one of a kind piece, a statement of your individuality and ecological attitude.

Needless to say the wetsuits are equipped with top features of the ION range like the s_type neoprene for super flex to ensure that every move on the water feels as if you don’t wear it, fully glued Blind-Stitch water sealing seams to make you feel comfortable and warm inside, water gate plus batwing panels for best waterproofness, just to name a couple of.

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