K4 Fins introduce two new and exciting fins in the fast-growing K4 range.

We are pleased to present the K4 'Bubble' Freestyle Fin and the K4 'Stubbies'. Both new models have been in the RandD stage for the past 6 months with Bubble playing an integral part in the freestyle fin.

K4 Stubbies: We designed these with heavy weight riders in mind. They have a more stubby surf style template, giving more area for each length of fin. They are stiffer to give more early planing and we reduced the rake to keep the fin loose.

K4 Freestyle : A unique combination between sweep and upright. Tested in all conditions the fin is light and slidey but still has enough grip to enter into moves.

More at k4fins.com http://mpora.com/videos/cCKxHypaL