Western Australia is one of the most popular areas in the world for windsurfing, with it's consistent summer wind and waves, plus exceptional flat water spots for blasting and freestyle. It's no wonder there is an ever growing ex pat windsurfing community down under. If you're in Western Australia why not take advantage of having one of the most talented women on the PWA tour around and learn some new skills with Laure Treboux?

Laure Treboux

"What is your New Year's resolution? How about learning something new on the water?

With the seabreeze about to kick in again and the chance to get coached by a professional and experienced instructor, there is no excuse not to get out there and learn something new.

Whether you would like to get into windsurfing, learn to gybe, waterstart, jump, wave sail or finally nail that freestyle move, there is no minimum level required. I am available in and around Perth for private and group lessons.

Email me to book your lesson now or to find out more about it - laure@lauretreboux.com"