We will be on scene at PWA Podersdorf and have just confirmed a one hour LiveChat with Andre Paskowski, get your questions ready and find out more info below...

With so much going on at this years PWA Podersdorf World Cup event we are extremely pleased to be able to tie Andre Paskowski down for one hour. The timings are crucial so be sure not to miss out.


Monday 30th April


17.00 GMT, which is 18.00 BST (current UK time) and 19.00 local Austrian time (where the chat will take place).

With such a succesful career in windsurfing it is impossibly to write everything down, so to avoid answering any questions you have planned here are just a few suggested topics:

- Minds Wide Open and Four Dimensions

- What's next. Is there any competing on the agenda or future film projects?

- Who does he think will win the EFPT Chiemsee Tow-In Championships (the final for this will commence just half an hour after the end of the LiveChat)