Time to rage against the machine, people. Morgan Robinson of Cardiff has asked for our help to stop Western Power Distribution from draining Llanishen Reservoir...


I figured you would like to know about the plans to build on top of one of South Wales' best Water sports club and reservoir, Llanishen reservoir. I, as a keen windsurfer, am very unhappy about this and so are many of the community. Western Power Distribution has been trying to buy the site for years and with the reservoir having financial problems, there is no doubt that they have won to an extent. The likelihood is that they will not get planning permission, but have discovered they don’t need to get planning permission to drain the reservoir to a certain level so they’ve already made it impossible to windsurf on. The housing estate will also cover Lisvane reservoir, a nature reserve.

The plans have brought only anger for many of the other people and water sports in the area will suffer greatly with many problems with the water in Cardiff Bay yacht club and the nearest other option being in Pontypool or Swansea.

If you want to help then visit http://www.llanishenrag.com/ and click on action. If not can you please give every WPD van you see a good kick for me.