Introducing the latest in Carbon Boom technology from Maui Sails.

For 2012 Maui Sails have added a special tail piece to their 170-230 boom range amongst several other tweaks and improvements.

"This wider tail will retrofit perfectly on the wave boom arms and is also offered as a complete product in our new 170-230 Slalom boom.

2012 Carbon Booms

All MauiSail carbon booms have several developed upgrades that are meant to improve durability. The two-pin clips for length adjustment have gone through many changes to solve an issue with corrosion that required chrome plating each pin to isolate the metal from the plastic. We redesigned the grip covering to have fewer pieces and altered the location of the joins between them. A slightly firmer durometer of the foam was chosen, and new glue was sourced. We expect these changes to further add to the value and performance of our already renowned line of carbon booms."

Technical features:

  • High Stiffness to Weight with double tapered tubes. Race booms are 40mm at the front and back, with 35mm diameter backends, and are the stiffest in the industry.
  • Monocoque Construction in Pre-Preg Carbon for maximum stiffness and durability.
  • Efficient energy Transfer with MauiSails designed Front End configured for Formula Race Boom performance and available on all MauiSails booms.
  • Boom adjustment clip bodies modified for greater durability and strength.
  • Included Adjustable Outhaul kits and Wide Tail backend with Race booms.
  • Molded Precision produces perfect tolerance between the Boom Body and Rear End for smooth and easy adjustment.
  • New High Performance grip surface is durable and easy on the hands.