Three years ago they released the 'revolutionary' X-Fin series, and now Maui Ultra Fins have let us know that they’re developing another radical fin design which is currently being tested on Maui, Hawaii. The new Delta Wing series boasts all advantages of delta wings as they are known from supersonic aircraft transferred to fins.

The specific features are:

Fast - by allowing relatively very thin foils

Super pointing - extremely high angle of attack possible due to flow enhancement by leading edge vortices

Gybing – provides very fast and stable jibing

Super-short - no control problems due to long span (e.g. 95L board can be sailed with 16cm Delta fin compared to a 30cm Ride fin)

Weed resistant - due to the high rake of 55 degrees

Shallow water resistant - due to short length

Very mild spin-out behaviour - due to leading edge vortices

In summary, the DELTA WING SERIES promises a universal fin for surfing, windsurfing, and kiting with a wide range of applications as wave, freestyle, ride, slalom, and speed.

The DELTA fin is on its way to revolutionise boardsailing again.

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