Unemployed young people can start the New Year with a new career and train to become a watersports instructor, for free! Youth charity UKSA is renewing its offer for 2015 to provide funding for selected young adults to access the 12 -week watersports career course, the Watersports Instructor Training Diploma.


If the applicant already holds a Level 2 qualification or higher, they will be eligible for 50% funding. If they do not hold a Level 2 qualification and are unemployed, they could qualify for full funding and do the course for free. It is suitable for absolute beginners. The diploma does not include food or accommodation, but this can be added as a paid-for option. There is a small cost to join National Governing Bodies (RYA and BCU). Chris Frisby, Head of Operations at UKSA, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for any young person serious about starting a career in watersports. It really is the best start they can get if they want to work outdoors and have an interesting and fulfilling job. They will qualify in four disciplines, making them highly employable, and they will be guided in the right direction by our in-house mentoring and careers service. “To be able to forge an entirely new career with very little financial outlay will be life-changing for many young adults. We are delighted to be offering this opportunity at UKSA." As a funded course, there will be a selection process. Anyone interested should call UKSA’s course advisors on 01983 203038 or email sales@uksa.org to find out more. More detail about the course and the funding options can be found at http://uksa.org/professional-training/watersports/watersport-instructor-training/