Luderitz has of course been delivering some more incredible speeds over the weekend.

Antoine Albeau and Cedric Bordes

Many sailors have raised the personal best speeds, with more national records being improved too. Bjorn Dunkerbeck is now getting dialled into the conditions on the canal, boosting his top speed up to 50.91knots....can he come closer to Antoine? Or even overtake him?

But Antoine just keeps going faster and faster, with his top speed still at 51.69 knots over 500m Antoine has now taken the two second top speed to over 100km per hour! This is an incredible 54.14knots over two seconds giving Antoine the fastest top speed in the world and the first person to take it over 100km per hour. Check out the full details on the GPS Speedsurfing page here.

Anders Bringdal reflects on yesterday's action on Facebook:

"Yesterday, Great day here in the canal. Antoine did what he does and smashed the 100 KM/h top speed. Pretty cool and is good to see. Bjorn also had a good day and came charging through.

I did not manage to find the grove and was slower.

Also managed to buss my self up a little more... sore ribs on my last run.

Now Thursday forecast looked good yesterday. Today it looks so so again.. We still wait for that stronger day as we all feel we can go faster.

Like we say in France, A-Fond"

Bjorn Dunkerbeck