Tanya Saleh (tanyak297.blogspot.com) reports from day 3 of the Pistol River Wave Bash - Sat 19 June


We have been at Pistol River for a week now, and today was the first day that the wind decided to play games. With only the Men's, Amateurs and Masters semis and finals to run this was a little frustrating. The skippers meeting was delayed from 12pm to 2pm to 3pm, but eventually at around 4pm the wind had filled in just enough, and it was decided to start going through the final heats. It was a case of float out and wave ride in.

Kai and Goya headed out and obviously made the light wind conditions look easy and the win went to Goya which then put him through to the final against Kevin Pritchard. Remembering that Kevin had one the single 2 days earlier, if Goya won then they would have to go head to head again. And of course Goya won. Head judge, Matt Pritchard decided to hold off the final head to head until Sunday for which the forecast looks much better.