Point-7 is bringing pure PWA racing excitement to market with the new and most extreme series in the history of the AC-1 race sail range.

By the end of the year the first production of 150 sails will be made available to those who cannot wait. This early availability will allow the most eager and victory hunger racers to start tuning in, with a clear advance to others. This first delivery is planned to arrive mid December and will then be followed up by a general release in February 2012. The sizes available in this first production will be from 5.0 to 9.3.

Together with the Point-7 AC-1 2012 series, original personalised sail numbers will be available for those who request them.

A key aspect of their design philosophy demands that every Point-7 product must be instantly recognisable in its design, in its performance: uncompromisingly, extreme, Italian.

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