Point-7’s new S!CK is a dedicated sail range for light and young riders to be used in any conditions ranging from flat water cruising to freestyle; or being trashed in the waves.

The S!CK sail range is available in three sizes: 2.4m, 3.1m and 3.8m and is complimented by a special edition of the C-100 Super RDM mast developed specifically for riders under 55kg. This super fast-responding mast will allow lighter riders to experience a sublime reactive rig which is light, durable and comfortable in a wide wind range giving the full experience of top of the range windsurfing equipment.

Putting the FUN factor of windsurfing in the hands of your kids to let you watch them develop their skills!

The S!CK range is expected to be available by the middle of July.

Download the full S!CK product guide at www.point-7.com/downloads/2011/Sick-Presentation.pdf