This compact range of 3 wave shapes and 1 freestyle board from the hands of Carlos Sosa, are the fruits of years of continuous research and development on the rugged island of Gran Canaria, home of windsurfing legend and Proof brand owner Björn Dunkerbeck.

It's also with the introduction of Björn's production board range where the alliance between Proof and T1 becomes transparent:

* T1 uses Proof's facilities on Gran Canaria for prototyping of T1 boards.

* Proof uses T1's know-how in production and it's distribution network.

The WAVE73 and 81 are developed by the Canarian wizards Orjan Jensen and Dario Ojeda. This is how Gerald and Orjan from Proof describe their boards:

"The WAVE 73 & 81 have a double concave bottom shape and the thinner rails in combination with the wide/round pintail give maximum control and manoeuvrability. "Both are fast, early planing, loose and radical wave boards which feel light under the foot. No matter if sideshore, onshore or offshore the WAVE 73 & 81 are perfect in all conditions."

The WAVE 89 is a true replica of Björn's wave board and is therefore suited for heavier sailors.

Gerald/Orjan: "Heavier riders and those with a more powerful riding style prefer the WAVE 89 with double concave bottom shape. "The board has a rounded outline, with more rail & tail volume for early planing in light winds and extra lift for jumps. "The round curve in the squash tail have the advantage for heavier riders (Dunkerbeck is 98 kilos) to turn loose over the back foot without losing speed. "Both boards have a moderate nose shape to give more control in choppy conditions."

The versatile FREESTYLE 105 is not only used by Orjan Jensen, but also many other pro freestylers, of which there some with big names!

Gerald/Orjan: "The FREESTYLE 105 with its 'Flatbody Worldcup Shape' is the pro's choice. Loose, all-time planing, fast acceleration and easy to control in all kind of manoeuvres."

The Proof boards will be available from mid September...