Here's a brief rundown on Ezzy '05 sails and masts:

1) Wave SE: David [Ezzy] continues to tweak and refine the SE. The SE has a new panel layout. It has more two-ply in the upper leech, which will expand the life of the sail. David has also redesigned the window and foot area, to be able to better withstand impacts and tearing. All of the new SEs fly with less downhaul tension. You will find that they don't need to be rigged as floppy in the head, even in strong wind. David has achieved this by flattening the leech and putting a bit more shape forward. The SE has a lighter feel and is more controllable.

2) Infinity: Oh Boy! The new Infinity is awesome. David has designed a new cam that is now "sail driven" instead of the older cam that was "batten driven". Sail driven means that the cam is in a closed pocket with a screw tensioner and doesn't need to be tensioned for rigging and de-rigging. Sail driven cams are not new, they have been used by our competition for years. What sets David's new cam apart from theirs is that ours will fit any mast made in the past 10 years, including skinnys! All of the OTHER cam sails on the market only fit a limited number of masts. That means a customer with an old Fiberspar can not use his mast on a new Pryde or North, but he will be able to use it on our new Infinity. The new cam also makes for a very rigid foil with smooth rotation. Rigging is a snap because there are no cams to tension, plus you can slide the mast up beside the cam, so you don't need to thread the mast into the cam while rigging.

3) Ezzy Skinny Mast: The Ezzy Skinny Mast has been in extremely high demand throughout the world. The mast series is now complete with a 490cm added to the range.