Propelling you to new heights...

Sizes: 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7

For 2005, the Force returns with all the features that have made it a powerhouse. A longer boom, and ample shaping create a solid platform that will propel you to new heights, whether gouging a cutback at Hookipa, or charging epic bump-and-jump conditions at your hometown spot.

Performance: A higher clew and longer boom provide a settled rock-solid feel tailored to excel in real world sailing conditions. A slightly stiffer luff curve then the Session, combined with a chromium scrim luff panel, give the Force tons of drive in a user-friendly package.

Construction: Key load seams are organized in a basic tri-radial layout. The body section is made entirely of Naish exclusive C592 Dimension Polyant material, pumping up the durability without obscuring rider visibility. Adhesive-backed patching keeps the skin bomber, yet light, not allowing unwanted water weight to accumulate between cloth layers.

- A new molded, wrap-around, extra low tack fairing with thick padding protects anklebones and boards. - Tack stitching is protected by a new fold-back patching design, while other critical wear areas are protected by silicon rigging bumpers and Kevlar patching. - Luff curve is designed for ultimate mast compatibility, providing enormous rigging options. - Exclusive moulded headcap protects vario top webbing from wear. - Slim-Line batten pockets with an inside film layer, shed weight and ensure rigged symmetry. - New Stiff-Back 3rd and 4th battens keep the shape locked in place, in the critical body sections of the sail.

Size (mast) 3.0 (370/17) 3.4 (370/17) 3.7 (370/17) 4.0 (370/17) 4.2 (370/17) 4.5 (400/19) 4.7 (400/19) 5.0 (400/19) 5.3 (430/21) 5.7 (430/21)