"To make our highest performance boards as versatile and accessible as possible."

This was Naish’s mission statement as they created their new range of the highest-quality waveboards on the market.

"Change - but not just for the sake of change," is the motto that drives development. Extra R&D time was spent on this project in order to launch five original wave boards that will stoke out riders in all kinds of wave conditions all over the world.

Performance: Naish waveboards still aim for the highest performance possible, but are now more accessible than ever before. Many different approaches to waveriding are covered by these universal shapes. They allow for fast down-the-line riding, as well as tight and aggressive turning in onshore conditions.

Design: For 2005, Naish R&D has generated a line of slightly shorter boards with a bit more width. With a new carbon-kevlar construction and an incredible weight to durability ratio, these boards promise to be the earliest planing and most manoeuvrable designs on any wave you can find.

- Shorter and wider for more manoeuvrability, compactness and a balanced feel. - New carbon-kevlar construction to gain a durability to weight ratio up to 500 grams lighter than comparable boards. - Ergonomic tail deck-shape for a comfortable riding stance - flat deck construction for a steadier feel when sailing a straight line, and plenty of balance when not planing. - Thinned out rails in the tail area for maximum grip so you can commit to any style of turn. - Bevelled front quarter rails to achieve an optimum combination of railshape and volume distribution. - Rounded nose shape for better pop over the white water and fewer sailing fatalities from pointy board noses.

Board - length / volume / width Wave 61 - 238cm / 61L / 51.5cm Wave 69 - 240 / 69 / 52.5 Wave 78 - 244 / 78 / 53.5 Wave 85 - 248 / 85 / 57.4 Wave 95 - 248.6 / 95 / 59.5