The now defunct Starboard Start daggerboard protection system

For many years Starboard have been at the forefront of development on beginners' equipment. The ‘Start’ model is the brand's key high-volume progressional board. In 2004 Starboard’s designer Tiesda You introduced a very slick daggerboard system. The rush to introduce a new wider daggerboard meant the first batch of boards arrived with a rather cumbersome raised section to protect the sailor from the edge of the daggerboard. Instructors complained that the raised section proved an obstacle for the feet. Starboard reacted quickly and introduced a modification kit. The kit is simply a slightly narrower daggerboard, with a flat foam protective cover that fits flush to the deck of the board.

If you, or your school purchased an early 2004 Start model with the raised deck the UK importers will gladly post you a new daggerboard and foam cover free of charge.

Please give them a call: Tushingham Sails Ltd – 01803 712 140 or email