Red Bull King of the Lake 2001 - total domination for AHD

with 4 of its riders in the top 6 – Matt Pritchard takes the crown

With Matt Pritchard 1st, Remko de

Weerd 3rd, Web Pedrick 4th and Martin van Geenhoven 6th,

the AHD team was in a class of its own throughout this Freestyle event which

is one of the most prestigious on the PWA Tour.

The AHD riders were certainly not there to make

up the numbers at this Freestyle PWA World Cup, which took place in Lake Garda

in Italy from 5-8 July 2001. By the end of the weekend, they had shown themselves

to be head and shoulders above the competition.

The hero of the hour was indisputably Matt Pritchard,

who was crowned "The King of the Lake". Matt impressed the jury and

the large crowd by his radical moves, his dynamic heats and his boundless imagination.

This victory makes him this season’s first winner of a PWA World Cup competition

in Freestyle.

Matt Pritchard: "I knew I had the goods

to deliver- I have been practicing a lot and I was just out there having a good

time. I barely fell off and I think my clew first Spock at the end of the heat

put the icing on the cake!"

"Flying Dutchman" Remko de Weerd also

showed his extraordinary potential, executing spectacular and astounding moves.

He came in third of the competition behind Matt and Josh Stone 2nd.

Last year’s winner of the Freestyle PWA event in

Austria, Web Pedrick, once again confirmed his excellent aptitude in freestyle

and his impressive feeling for the wave, finishing 4th.

Web Pedrick: "I was really happy to make

it to the finals but then my final heat didn’t go so well for me. I never really

found my rhythm so I am disappointed that I could not do better. The event itself

was super well organized and I was proud to be a part of such a big show. Congrats

to Matt and Remko! Go AHD!"

Despite being a newcomer to the AHD team, Martin

van Geenhoven proved himself to be up to the task. His 6th place

in Lake Garda and his recent victory at "King of the Cape" in Cape

Code, USA, point to the brightest of futures. We’ll be hearing a lot more from

this talented Canadian...

Congratulations to these 4 AHD riders! Keep up

the good work!

The 2001 Red Bull King of

the Lake PWA World Cup – Freestyle Final Results


Matt Pritchard



Josh Stone


Remko de Weerd



Web Pedrick



Johannes Markthaler


Martin van Geenhoven