Gaastra Originals - Only at Gaastra - Only online

On the 22nd of December 2000 Gaastra makes history launching a revolution in

sail manufacturing and customer service. Gaastra Originals is the first of its

kind online sail ordering system that allows end users to design and order their

personalized custom color sail. More than 2400 color combinations possible!

Gaastra Originals is The Teams answer to what they call the "supermarket


Scott Fenton explains:

"Gaastra makes genuine, quality, core products for real windsurfers.

'Gaastra Originals' is the ultimate extension of that philosophy. This truly

and accurately differentiates Gaastra products from the rest. It is our ultimate

privilege to give individuality and choice back to our clients. At Gaastra the

customer is in charge!"

Gaastra is the first to offer such a personalized service clearly recognizing

the importance of individual choice and service. Gaastra has invested considerably

into a specialized manufacturing system that will allow one sail at a time to

be produced according to the individual orders received. This investment not

only benefits our Gaastra customers with a completely personalized product,

it provides a strong differentiation that sets Gaastra apart.

Retail Support

Although Gaastra Originals are ordered online by the end user, the system

is designed so that it supports our network of dedicated windsurfing shops so

that they shall remain the essential link for after sales service, advise and


It is this unique marriage of the online world and the physical retail store

that make Gaastra Originals system so revolutionary.

Custom options available

Custom colors, over 2400 combinations available: US$15 extra charge per sail.

Sail Numbers US$5 extra charge per sail (optional)

Customer name printed on sail US$10 extra charge per sail (optional)