Mistral is focussing on a fresher and more innovative Design-Team

Following its successful re-structuring under the umbrella of Boards & More

AG, Mistral has now moved up a gear in the area of development.

For over 20 years Rick Naish has worked with the brand Mistral, but had recently

and uncontrovertibly expressed his desire to step down from the demanding day

to day business with Mistral. At the same time, the Mistral Team was seeking

a broader orientation with an even stronger focus on modern trends.

Following a long and highly successful co-operation with the Shape and Design

Duo Rick Naish and Harold Iggy, Mistral will sail in new waters from 2001/02

with a completely fresh and innovative design team. Mistral will in any case

continue to distribute windsurfing boards with the ìoriginalî Naish-Hawaii-logo

according to the current agreement at least until the end of the season 2002.

Mark Nelson, who has a long experience in designing and shaping windsurfing

boards, and has also been recognized for some time by insiders and teamriders

as a rising star, together with Bruce Wylie, a man who has made his name both

through his Worldcup successes and through his design of forward-looking shapes,

completes the existing design team with their own office on Maui.

Christian Gold, Brand Manager Mistral: "Even though the name Naish

has been closely associated with Mistral, it is nevertheless time for a new

direction. We all see huge potential here that will open up a lot of new chances

and possibilities for Mistral. The new team and their first concrete results,

which have already been achieved, have convinced me that this is the right route

for Mistral to take. This is true for the work on the range of next yearës

boards as well as for the re-structuring of the active team. Mistral has a very

great deal to thank Rick for and the parting of our ways has occurred in a positive

and mutually acceptable manner. We wish Rick all the very best for the future."