Hybrid: “The all in one harness”. From RRD's experience in harness making, one type of harness is all you need. The E-qlzr is a universal harness that puts everybody on the same pace. Comfort and ease of use.

The all in one harness is now also available in a 'full non-convertible' windsurfing version that features a non-padded spreader bar and a full kiteboarding version that features a specific full padded kiteboarding spreader bar.


Kiteboarders or windsurfers can use the same type of back support and the E-qlzr has an internal moulded support and a reduced walling thickness that allows the harness to mould itself around the body of the surfer. A syst

em of retractable metal rings that will hide on the side pockets of the harness allow the kite to transform from a true kiteboarding harness (with the addition of a kite back leash) to a complete and efficient windsurfing harness. A spreader protection pad and a quick lock harness metal release are designed in order to fit both windsurfing and kiteboarding needs. If you are both a kiteboarder and windsurfer you have no choice. The E-qlzr is the answer, an extension of your body that hooks in.


Moulded exterior shell with carbonised look fabric. Interior moulded EVA ergonomic waist with double sleeve of elastic and neoprene lock band on the side.

Available sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL