New for 2010, Ezzy’s Panther 2 is designed for men and women, serious and recreational wavesailors, and, say Ezzy, its ease of use means it’s also great for flat water, bump-&-jump, and freestyle sailors.

Construction, strength and attention to detail is of the usual high Ezzy standard, and among the X-ply, Technora, vinyl window and boom-proof luff sleeve, we find Tri-Lite scrim sailcloth for a lighter feel in the upper-central area.

The NEW Tri-Lite material has three main benefits:

1) It's lighter, weighing about 40% to 50% less than standard monofilm.

2) It has better UV resistance. More yarns and less film which mean it doesn't get 'crispy' and brittle from excessive UV exposure.

3) It stretches a bit more. The Tri-Lite absorbs shocks travelling through the sail. This makes the sail feel smoother and less jerky.

All this, combined with a huge wind range, superb control, light weight and stability, is what makes the Panther purr. We’ve already booked one for the forthcoming test season, but in the meantime check out and for more details.