2003 JP Lineup now complete

As you probably already realise JP started the launch of their 2003 boards

in August and the UK was one of the first countries to introduce the new JP

boards. Now with the arrival of the Freeride boards the lineup is complete.

It seems a strange time of year to be launching Freeride boards - when everyone

else is shouting about Wave boards what's JP's thinking about this. We asked

Chris Martin, brand Manager for JP in the UK to explain:

"To be honest it would have been virtually impossible for us to handle

the whole range introduction in one go. Plus not all the models were available

at the same time and we opted for a staggered launch to bring people the new

stuff as quickly as we could. There are no less than 22 different boards in

the range and when you consider that we do not offer entry level boards you'll

appreciate just how extensive this range is. All this coupled with the outstanding

success that JP is having in the UK means that we are in the strange position

of launching Freeride boards now. But let's face it - if you are into windsurfing,

and you want a Freeride board then to be able to get the 2003 model now has

to be a bonus".

The JP lineup has 6 Wave boards, 3 Freestyle Wave and 3 Freestyle boards, 4

Freeride Carve boards and 3 Freeride boards in two different constructions -

Full Wood Sandwich and Epoxy Sandwich. The smallest Wave board comes in at just

66 Litres and the biggest Freeride at 160 litres - with a lot in between! Pricing

starts at £729 for the Freeride ES up to £929 for the Wave boards.

"2002 was an outstanding year for JP" said Chris "not only on

the water winning event after event but also in the stores. Sales of JP more

than doubled last year and so far this year we are already over 40% up - it

seems that JP is more popular than ever"

For more information about JP please call 0115 973 1001 or email jp@ultra.sportuk.com.

To find your nearest retailer click on www.ultrasportuk.com