The Mistral Windglider, combines the tranquility of sailing, the thrill of windsurfing

and the fun of kayaking all in a compact package that can go anywhere. The Windglider

is a sit on top sailboat with surprising performance but costs a fraction of

any sailboat, paddleboat or windsurfer and also offers a much wider range of


Since it's launch in 1998, the Windglider has won the prestigious IMTEC innovation

award from the International Marine Trade Industry Association plus at its launch

at the Paris boat show, it won the most innovative product award.

This year the new improved and updated Windglider comes to the UK - the Windglider


The improvements made to the Windglider Multisport are numerous. The Multisport

includes a completely redesigned hull shape and construction to provide increased

floatation and stability. Incorporated with the new hull design is the newly

added Multisport Cover (made of 100% Cordura) , designed to protect the hull

from shoreline damage and hold the two new sealed deck platforms that help increase

user stability and performance.

The improved diversity of use for the Windglider Multisport kit has set a new

precedent for watersports equipment and toys. It is a Windsurfer, a Sailboat,

a Kayak, a Swim Platform, an Inflatable Towable and, with the addition of the

Motor Mount, an electric powered boat tender/dingy.

Each of the conversion options has been extensively tested and approved for

normal recreational use. The Sailboat conversion allows the user to change their

mode of sailing from windsurfing to sailing in just minutes. (Each conversion

takes no more than 5-10 minutes to transform).

The Mistral Windglider has an RRP of £350 and comes with a carry case.

To find out more, visit the Mistral Windglider web site at

or for UK stockist details call Boardmatters on 01202 813413.