Following an extensive testing program Tushingham have introduced a new sail to the Spitfire range.

The new 11.8m has been developed for competitive Formula racers who seek ultimate light wind performance without the extra weight and pull of the 12.5m, making it particularly suited to lighter sailors looking for more low end power than the 11.0m offers. Like the 11.0, the 11.8 sets on a 550 (IMCS 36) mast whereas the 12.5 requires a 580 (IMCS 38).

Feedback from team riders has indicated the sail feels lighter in the hands and is much easier to pump than the 12.5m. It has an approximate wind range of 6-15 knots. With a very clean entry and even twist this extremely tuneable sail drives Formula boards effortlessly through gusts and remains controllable through a huge wind range.

All sizes of Spitfire available from March 1st along with the Superlight R mast range.

PRICE - £469.00


· New roller cams and addition of fourth cam bring

improved load distribution

· Increased cam pressure helping to lock in the draft

· Shaping refinements from the '03 sail: minimum

lateral resistance, maximum forward drive

· Cleaner leech release: lower drag

· Durable slimline batten tensioners

· Pulley block at tack: more strength & easier rigging

· Streamlined tack fairing

· Tushingham's Superlight mast program ensures

the perfect luff curve match for every sail


Luff - 578cm Ideal mast: 550 / IMCS 36 (Tushingham Superlight R)

Boom - 286cm Mast range: IMCS 34-37

Cams - 4 Battens - 8