NORTH SAILS is proud to announce the signing of Thomas Traversa and Greg "Grubby" Allaway.

Thomas is part of the new, young generation of windsurfers which are well on the way enthroning the old heroes. Last year he drew our attention by winning the PWA freestyle event in Leucate. He's a very talented freestyle and wave sailor and likes to travel to the most exotic places. That's why he was invited, together with all the big names, to the Tropical Energy Challange Invitational.

Greg "Grubby" Allaway is known for his "Superman" stunts and as the inventor of the "Grubby" - one of the freestyle moves that revolutionized the freestyle discipline. The training with the MPG Group professional athlete.

Grubby changed his board sponsor and joined the MISTRAL int. team. As test partner for Nik Baker he'll now be strongly involved in the R&D work for NORTH SAILS & MISTRAL products.

We are really stoked to welcome Thomas and Grubby to the team, two upcoming windsurfers with an incredible potential.