One Man. One Board (design)

Some may think the T1 team is swimming against the stream...

"But at T1 we don't feel it that way at all. It sort of comes natural, most of us are 40 (some plus) and have long lost the interest of how our boards must look. We also don't have the time to sail every day anymore, so we just need some more time to get use to a new shape.

You may call us old, call us odd, call us what you want but one thing is clear - we have a refreshingly new approach!

Opposite to what you may have seen since the sport's high in the 80's, the T1 philosophy doesn't fit in that straightjacket of colorful changes every year.

The reason for this is honestly simple: we just don't believe in the constant battle for new shapes and graphic design.

So how's this for a promise?

You buy one of our boards and we give our word that we won't change our graphics and shapes every year unless we find something better or we get bored with it ourselves.

This may well mean that the graphs and some shapes will last as long as 3 years, possibly even 4.

At T1 we are willing to take that risk cause it's no risk at all. The stylish silver color will never go out of fashion and to our humble opinion Peter Thommen is one of the few shapers who knows how to make a 'bella machina'. Like no other he masters the trade of making beautiful outlined windsurfing boards who easily withstand the tooth of time.

Of course he's not sitting idle and only enjoying his espressos in the South of France. As we speak he is working close with our 2 team riders Dunkerbeck and Volwater to further perfect his shapes. One of this developments will be revealed soon to the public: a true Replica of Björn's favorite Speedboard of this moment - the SR45."

(Go to for Bjorn on your desktop...)