Just how fast do you think you could go in your first few sessions speedsailing? Mr. Ben Proffitt has set the bar pretty high recently, after he kicked off his very own speed challenge.

Proffitt might not be a speed sailor, but he is of course an experienced racer and professional windsurfer. We're sure, although he may not be built for speed, he certainly has the skills to take him to some mighty fast speeds.

After launching his speed challenge last week, Proffitt's now announced the first winner. But he's still striving for faster speeds... how fast do you think he can go?

Results in.... Vmax of 41.15kts!!Super happy :) ...although It felt like 50knots!!! hahaWell done Marcel Klein for...

Posted by Ben Proffitt on Monday, 1 June 2015

Argghhhhhh... 37knots again today!! Time to set myself a challenge... The GPS (Guess Proffitt's Speed)...

Posted by Ben Proffitt on Thursday, 28 May 2015