From: Josh Stone

Reason: My plans for the Year 2002 and the PWA Tour

Aloha to Everyone,

Recently I have been bombarded by emails concerning an article in the German

SURF Magazine that said I would be stopping the PWA world tour in 2002. Those

e-mails made me reconsider my personal future. I basically owe everything I

have to windsurfing and I've always wanted to give back as much as possible.

After many discussions with friends and my family I made the following decisions:

- I will do the Freestyle Tour 2002 – I want that title back!!! YEEEHAAA!

- I will go on an adventure tour to the most exotic down the line wave riding

spots instead of doing the PWA Wave Tour.

After coming 2nd this year in the PWA Freestyle Tour, I realized that I am

somewhat dependent on competition, and I really want to regain the title in

2002. I need that thrill, which only a competition is able to give you. I am

very happy with the way the freestyle discipline has grown and I want to continue

my support of it, and hopefully I have some time while the young

guns gain more experience. When we started the Freestyle discipline we wanted

to bring the sport closer to the average windsurfer and we wanted to bring new

personalities in. It is amazing how fast this happened and how many new kids

we have on tour now and how hard they rip. I will face their challenge because

I love it. For these reasons I have decided to compete on the PWA Freestyle

Tour next year for sure.

The wave tour is a different matter in my mind. I envision that the freestyle

discipline and formula racing are the "reality" aspects of our professional

sport. They are the disciplines that bring windsurfing back to where the majority

of our windsurfing population windsurf, and are also disciplines that a windsurfer

can become good at regardless of their location.

Wave sailing on the other hand should be the "dream" aspect of professional

windsurfing, the absolute pinnacle and the most radical face of our sport. It

should take place in the most radical and exotic locations. Freestyle and formula

take care of the reality, social, and public aspect, while wave sailing should

provide the dream for all windsurfers to aspire to.

Unfortunately our present PWA Wave Tour does not offer any REAL down the line

wave sailing location.

For this reason I have decided that the best thing I can do for the sport and

myself, besides pushing the limits of Freestyle further, is to start promoting

the most radical aspects of wave sailing again. I have decided it 's time to

get back to my roots, which lie deeply in surfing and beautiful waves. I miss

adventure and I too dream of that epic, empty wave spot with

perfect conditions, just waiting to be ripped apart! Instead of competing on

the wave tour next year, I am going with my good friend Brian Talma on an experience

around the world looking for the perfect wave, killer adventures, and good times.

The IMPORTANT things in life! We will be taking a film crew with us every where

we go, with the hope that eventually we can get

enough media to interest sponsors back into down the line wave sailing so that

we can get the PWA Wave Tour back to real wave sailing destinations. Then I

will gladly compete on the tour again.

The ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) went through a very similar

problem as the PWA in the late 80's early 90's. They were competing in unbelievably

shitty locations and 1 foot surf sometimes. Of course the surfers hated it and

the media basically ignored it. Eventually the surf clothing industry decided

that it was too much. They started making invitational events in the most radical

surfing locations in the world such as G-land and Tavarua. The response from

the media was phenomenal, and

eventually huge sponsors started to pour into the surfing world, and now almost

ALL of the major events at the highest level are in super radical locations,

with tons of support and interest. This is what needs to happen to save professional

windsurfing. The DREAM must come back.

How? I can only think that the best way for this to happen is that the leading

images in our sport get out there and start promoting what they love to do most!!!


That's what I am going to do next year along with going after the freestyle

title, so to all those people who sent emails I want to say MAHALO (Thanks in

Hawaiian), and no worries. Next year is going to ROCK!

Rip it up & Mahalo,