Winds returned today allowing for the popular long distance races held in front of Fisherman's Huts. Local sailor Michel de Jong, ARU-11 was rigging his biggest sail, a 6.7 meter. In the typical racing much larger sails are used but with the typical conditions in Aruba, most local and regional sailors do no possess the rigs necessary for proper competition. Long distance racing will be held for two days thus allowing several races for the fastest to dominate.

Long Distance Results for today:


1. Taty Frans NB 9

2. Daniel Badell V 170

3. Ryan Lampe ARU 5


1. Patun Saragoza NB 8

Ricardo Albisu A 22

Ricardo de Weever ARU 92


1. Manou Becker ARU 3

2. Janet Ziekenoppasser ARU 83

3. Tatja Becker ARU 28


1. Javier Sint Jago ARU 21

2. Choko Frans, NB 6

3. Quincy Offringa ARU 10

The Kids, Super Kids and New Kids had their own long distance races run by Frank Eelens. The competition was tight in the Super Kids category. Kiran Badloe, NB- 94 and his buddy and rival, Amada Vrieswikjk, NB 20, exchanged front spot throughout the race. Kiran suffered a twisted ankle in the last heat while team mate Jurgen Saragoza, NB 117 also suffered a slight injury. Local hot shot Brunno Matarozzi, ARU- 43 offered some stiff competition. In keeping with family tradition Bjorn Saragoza, NB 11 won top spot in the Kids Long Distance Race. He was ahead by two laps planing fast and furious throughout the heats. Speed must be in the genes of this young talent. His father, former Olympian Patoun Sargoza placed in the top third in today's long distance as well as being ahead in the Masters Slalom races.

After lunch compliments of Taco Bell, the crowd pleaser, Freestyle commenced with sporadic gusty winds. Who will be crowned King of the Huts? Sailors had a four minutes to show their stuff in this single ladder elimination. Pressure was on. It was clearly a battle between the ABC islands with a few international sailors in the mix. Local favorite Wim Eelens threw the first forward loop of the day. His spocks and vulcans dazzled the crowds. Venezuelan windsurf rock star, Alexis Zaballa, V-41 is no stranger to Hi Winds. Alexis was the 2001 winner of the freestyle here in Aruba. He is ranked 17 in the world for Freestyle but today, he was outmaneuvered by a young gun. It was 14 year old Kiri Thode from Bonaire who wowed the crowd with his new move called the Gecko Flaka. This light wind Flaka was named by Ann Phelan after she saw him create this new move on Bonaire this past Spring. Judges here in Aruba didn't even know what to call it but by the end of the PWA tour, this move will be a familiar name as Kiri advances and emerges as one of the brightest stars in freestyle. It's all in the family today at Hi Wind. Brothers Choko and Taty Frans battled it out with Kiri all battling for the coveted first place. In the end it was Taty's two year experience in the PWA tour as well as his finely honed skills that earned him first place. Tonight he and cousin Kiri head to Europe to join the PWA tour.

The kite surf competition commenced at 5 PM under the sparkling blue Arubian sky. There was a dazzling display of aerial tricks including rail grabs, superman, board flips and table tops. Jeroen Roevros from Holland got the biggest air in most of the stunts while locals Lysander Loefstok, Andrew Arends and Armando Wester proved have what it takes to impress the crowd. Aruba has potential to be one of the hottest venue for kite competition. The crowds loved the show and wanted more. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Sundays schedule includes Queen, Prince and Kid of the Huts competition as well as more long distance races. BULA will have another spectacular bikini contest at 2:00 PM.

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