Murray Saunders is pleased to announce that Simon Basset, 2XS West Wittering, is now working with the legendary Quatro board brand.


Simon will not only be retailing the Quatro range but also offering 'test' board through his centre at West Witterings. Simon Basset says this about the Tempo: “The tempo feels like a single-fin.... fast! Great for jumping the twin-fins helps the grip when wave riding, this board works so well in onshore conditions. I’m looking forward to a sideshore day to test it out. Although the trend right now is for quads, which do work sensationally in wave riding conditions, but being a bit old-school myself I really like that early planning hard charging feel you get from a good single fin wave board. I think wave board choice is not just about how many fins you have but how the board works in your local conditions, and how it suits your style of riding. With the price of new boards its very wise to test one before you buy... and now you can. Please give us a call on 01243 513077 at The Windsurf Club West Wittering"

Murray Saunders: “2XS is one of the premier centres for windsurfing in the UK. With the variety of conditions they get the Tempo is one of the obvious boards of choice. Previously tested here it stands out in any conditions offering a unique combination of early planing, good riding, control, grip and speed. Hopefully with Simon now offering the board to test those that have always wondered need not any more."

Please contact either or if you have any further questions.