Seasprite Sports introduce the Fire Race V2 to RRD’s burgeoning Freerace line.


These boards are the same shape as PWA Slalom legend, Finian Maynard, black-and-white RRD X-Fire bullets. The feedback on these shapes has been excellent and in response to this RRD have bought them out in a wood and glass technology that will allow you to race, cruise or burn off your mates and enjoy a performance feeling yet with a more durable construction technology. They are highly acclaimed and test results praise their awesome speed, ease of sailing, amazing control and fluid gybing.

These beauties come in volumes of 135, 122, 112, 102 and 90 litres and feature the NEW shapes from the X fire V2 range. Each board has a different size and outline to perform in their given conditions. From short and wide on the 135 to progressively narrower and longer on the 112, 102 and 90 with respective widths of 85, 77, 69.5, 65cm and 59cms. They come equipped with MFC SL2 G10 fins in tuttle boxes.

Get ready for some serious action, make lighter winds exhilarating, fire up your racing, improve your gybes, cruise up and downwind or just enjoy going very fast. More details on and are available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer, for your list of retailers.