Seasprite Sports announce that the highly acclaimed and test winning RRD Wave Twin is now available in a Contest Edition technology.

This is the lightest yet toughest technology of construction a waveboard can be built in. The Wave Twins are the pure essence of manouverabilty and will turn the tightest in the pocket of the wave whilst exhibiting a loose alive feeling in the straights.

The range includes 90, 82, 74 and 66 litre shredding weapons and now come equipped with new slot fin boxes for the MFC LS twin fins that come with the boards. The fins are now slightly bigger in terms of size for every Wave Twin model, from 17cms in the 90 to 15.5 cms in the 66.

More details on www.robertoriccidesigns.com. The Wave Twin Contest is available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer, check out www.seaspritesports.com/dealers.php for your list of retailers.