Zero Gravity the UK's Goya / Quatro importer are stoked to introduce their newest team rider - Tanya Saleh K297.
Keep any eye out for Tanya's adventures in the coming month's, she's not one to stop at home long.

"I am obviously super happy to be joining the team at Zero Gravity. Both Keith (Teboul) and Francisco (Goya) have always been inspirational figures to me while I was growing up, so being able to use gear which has been developed by them is a real honour.

I am already in receipt of a very sexy looking Quatro Quad LS and some incredibly light Goya Banzai’s which I’m packing up ready for my first ever boat trip to the Marshall Islands (look that one up if you haven’t heard of it). The new kit + the proximity of the trip means I’m practically bursting with excitement, and feel pretty privileged to be able to spend a couple of weeks getting used to my new gear on some of the most perfect waves in the world.
With no internet or phone signal for 2 weeks, but an abundance of turquoise ocean, reefs, and a boat full of toys we should come back with some good stories, so watch this space."
Tanya Saleh

For more info check out the Zero Gravity site here