After a truly epic JP Aloha Classic, two champions have been crowned.

Marcilio Browne, world champion!!!

Levi Siver has taken then event win ahead of the young Bernd Roediger, who beat Kauli Seadi in the double elimination to climb to third. Many of the PWA stars who took early exits in the single elimination came back strongly through the double, climbing the rankings. Notably, it was Brawzinho and Alex Mussolini with the strongest of comebacks, but it was eventually Brawzinho who advanced the furthest and with Philip Koester not making it past the first round was crowned the new world champion!

Alex Mussolini, vice world champion
Levi Siver, JP Aloha Classic champion

With the PWA event in Chile unfortunately cancelled the final standings are set, could the tour have turned out differently if this event had have taken place? Or do you think Brawzinho would still have ended up on top?

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