After many years of hard work within the windsurfing industry, Gillian Wright will now leave the RYA but the initiatives she has set up, including Project Windsurf UK and Team 15, will continue. Boards would like to say a huge thank you to Gillian for all of her positivity and all that she has achieved for windsurfing, read more from Gillian below...

Gillian Wright - Team15 champs cup 2011

"It's goodbye from me...

As a result of Sport England funding cuts, it is with sadness that I leave the RYA tomorrow due to redundancy after 22 years as National Windsurfing Development Officer, but happiness in that the projects which I created and have developed over the years – the Team15 programme and Project Windsurf-UK - will still continue to be supported by the RYA.

From the days of only one level of junior windsurfing scheme, to children using cut down windsurfing kit because no child-friendly options existed, to the national junior windsurfing rallies, the junior road shows, the mega weekends, Team15 and Project Windsurf-UK… it has been great to see so many people - and particularly young people - introduced to windsurfing over the years and staying within the sport because of that windsurfing passion that enthuses us all.

Whilst I may no longer be working within the windsurfing industry after 25 fantastic years, I will certainly still be windsurfing and posting as a sailor (rather than Admin) on Project Windsurf-UK, which has helped build my local group - the North Devon Windsurfers - along with 92 others groups and counting.

See you on the water sometime…Gillian