2015 has already kicked off with some great wind and swell, but the January storms have been getting stronger and stronger hitting the welsh coastline every week without a break!


In fact it was only Jim Brooks from Puravida that hit the water, with Gower locals Dave, Stewart and Steve Tanner who made the drive across from Swindon especially to brave the storm!

Jim was on a 2015 Simmer Blacktip 4.2 and Flywave 85, but even this was impossible to pin down in some of the gusts!

Richard Norton is Puravida’s resident surfing guru and the boys have been trying to nail some spots that deliver classic (or challenging) surfing conditions as well as down the line windsurfing on the same day! This is the theme for some winter winter storm chasing missions and hopefully there will be few more chapters to follow!

Henry Bird is a keen surfer and windsurfer who’s joined the team as a recently graduated freelance photographer and videographer. Hiding out in the dunes he managed to grab some great shots in-between hail storms and squalls……even a mini tornado passed through!!

Puravida Stormriders - Mission one, Swansea Gower - complete! Gallery below...

Report by Jim Brooks-Dowsett - www.puravidaboardriders.co.uk