Quayside Windsurf are back with Windsurf the Wash for 2013! Last year this demo and fun event was a brilliant success, this year they're waiting for the wind to come through and have two proposed dates for the event to kick off!

"As lovely as it is having this high pressure and settled, hot weather, we are hoping for windier conditions for the last weekend in July!!

"Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th July are the 2 proposed dates for Windsurf the Wash event and demo at Hunstanton a mile out on the sandbar. If the weather co-operates we will hold the event on one of those 2 dates.

"RRD and Fanatic demos, a fun speed event, BBQ and beers afterwards….put it in your diaries and keep an eye out here and on Twitter and Facebook for more info and confirmation about which day it will be held!"