Colin and Marco of WindSurf Coaching and GoPro with Colin and Marco are almost ready to embark on an epic Euro road trip, taking on them across the many countries delivering top notch coaching to all. But first they need a vehicle to take them on their merry way....

WSC van taking shape!
WHEELS are here …..
Before I put the bad boys on I'm popping back down to Eastbourne to see Rossetts, the Mercedes-Benz dealership. These guys are plotted about the South and know everything about Sprinters and Vito's. They are going to get the mega van up on the ramp and give the beast a good service as I will be covering a lot of millage it's important to keep the engine happy!! With new filters all round and first 15 litre of oil, the van is feeling the love!!!
Me and the main man, Big Sam Sparkes, the Area Sales Manger. He's windsurfer and a bloody nice guy, need a Mercedes, Sam's your man!

After the guys @ Rossetts have done the service, Sam recommended Auto Solutions for a remap. OK, a remap is when you plug a laptop into your vehicle's computer system and remap the fuel and air that will then give you more bhp.

So I found out my van is 109bhp! It's the same engine as the larger Sprinter (130bhp), but just before it leaves the factory it gets remapped from 109bhp to 130bhp. After re-mapping my beast it's now an awesome 155bhp!!! Its safe and to be fair its better for your engine, more bhp means you will not be thrashing the engine and it will cruz better for longer!!

Wow what a difference, I know the van is empty but its like someone has bolted a mother turbo on to it!

Hahah, I can brake the speed limit now and I don't pull like a tractor, do it guys its unreal!

WHEELS……….. they rocked up at Stew @Greens when I was down south

HELL YEAH, hahhaha!!! 20 inch bad boys!!! They came from Italy and they are the biggest weight loaded wheel I could find for a Sprinter and that will take the weight!

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Hey guys, hope all is well!

I have been a busy man with non stop 12 hour days (not down the coast :(…) in the work shop at Horsham at Greens with Stew and the Esserworks spray shop, owned by Jason and his twin brother Martin that's joined on to the end of Stew's work shop!

So we know the van has low millage, but as you saw on the first blog, the body work is very beaten up and we have got to a point now where we have to stop for the insulation, because the panel beaters have to get to the inside of the panels to beat out the dents.

The prep is the hardest part of the re-spray, as the van is massive its like spraying three cars at the same time.

The first thing is to do is mark all of the dents out. We decided to do one section a time.

After three months searching for this van I came across so many similar white vans that I decided instead of changing the colour to silver, which I originally wanted, I am going to stick with white. Reason being, that the colours on the signage will stand out more, keep the value on the van, keep the inside of the van cooler in the sun and to be honest, £1500 cheaper!!

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Blog 2

Ok guys loving the van - I have got myself some temp insurance at the moment because it is classed as a panel van and I will convert it to a Motorhome vehicle by the end of the mission with the DVLA.

Loving driving the van about, I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's when you step UP into the driving seat and look DOWN on other drivers, but it feels nice to drive. Yes it's a bus, it's bloody massive and I won't be hand braking this bad boy about. It's definitely not my Rotax go kart!!! However, cruising down the motorway is fine and enjoyable even in the lanes it's good; the van is sweet, no noise, runs real nice!! Thanks Stew at Green's ARC, hero!!!

Off to see my sister and her lovely family back down South to sort out the insulation and the plan for the inside with my brother in law, Matt, who is a legend handy man and who should of been on the A- team. Handy to know for all your electrical works!!! (

First thing was to work out what sort of installation i needed. I did lots of research into what most high end camper vans, motor homes and van conversions used, and I decided to start with foil that is like Celetex but a lot easier to use and go's in tricky places a lot easier. This stuff reflects the heat from both ways, so when its hot outside of the van in a hot place it will keep it cool inside. Also being a white van it will help, when it's cold outside it will keep the heat inside of the van, happy days!

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Blog 1

Hi guys it's Colin, welcome to the mega van blog and happy new year! I wish every one the best for 2013.

This xmas and the next few months I have been doing something real different for me, instead of cruising around the world finding wind and searching for waves I'm staying in the UK to try my skills in building a mega van. Ever since I travelled around Perth in 2000 and built my first van with a mate of mine Luke out of stuff from B&Q, I always wanted to build a nice van, so here is the place to watch my mission I will keep this blog up dated as much as possible.
The Misssion is to build a mega van to tour around Europe with Marco as a WindSurfCoaching tour stopping in a few spots to will get to Vass spreading the windsurf coaching love.
I'm starting this blog because anyone who knows me knows I haven't SHUT up about the van, so this is for all my mates to see how the beast gets put together
After doing my research I have decided to build the van myself with my very talanted mates, cheers Matt, Stu, Russ,and all the rest that will help on my travels; I think doing it this way I will build the van to my spec, I know it will be done to every little detail and not bodged!
The van……
I got a hell deal on the van; I have been searching online since I left Vass in September. After this Marco and I spent five weeks touring around the UK in the Boardwise van, we decided to get a windsurf coaching van and do it in style next year and stop sleeping on everyone sofas (thanks for all theses guys too!).
As you can see the van looks knackered it was a charity van so one owner, low millage and it's only 2009. But the problem is, it's just had a few rookies who just past their driving test, driving about Surrey (south London) collecting clothes, that is kind of a bonus as I know it hasn't had lots of heaver weight in it!!! Not like a builders van full of bricks!
Even though the out side looks knackered the engine and the rest of the van has really just been run in, 87000 miles for a sprinter is not very much these Vass boys go for ever; I hope hahahha!

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