Last year was the most successful years racing CWC have ever had, both in the

number of races and number of competitors. So this year they're hoping for even

better things!

The format will be the same - simple courses, with gentle upwind angles, 2

or 3 laps maximum, and as many races as they can run during the day. So if you

have a nightmare in one race, no matter, there will be another in 20 minutes

or so. The starts are simple beach starts rather than any fancy line starts,


even that is as easy as can be. Racing in this format allows you to improve

your sailing painlessly - you concentrate more and try harder for longer

without even realising it!

It cannot be stressed enough that people are NOT using state of the art

racing kit, far from it.

(And this great racing is free for club members - only £10 per year to


in the fun )

Give John Malone a ring on 01277 652859 for any more info or look on the web

at for the latest news.

Race Dates for Chalkwell Beach , Southend -on- Sea , starts 2 hours before

high tide.

#3 May 12 HW 13:33

#4 May 26 HW 13:16

#5 June 9 HW 12:27

#6 June 23 HW 12:10

#7 July 7 HW 11:03

#8 July 21 HW 10:54

Aug 11 HW 15:20 RNLI Day

#9 Aug 25 HW 15:02

#10 Sep8 HW 14:15

#11 Sep 22 HW 14:04

#12 Oct 6 HW 13:08